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Pastor's Page 09-01-2022

          Survivor is a very successful television reality series for CBS that is hosted by Jeff Probst.   Millions of people have watched the 42 seasons since it began. The program places a group of strangers in an isolated location, where they must provide food, fire, and shelter for themselves. The contestants compete in challenges that test the contestants' physical abilities such as running and swimming as well as their mental abilities with puzzles. These challenges offer rewards or immunity from elimination. The contestants are progressively voted off the show by their fellow contestants until only one remains as the "Sole Survivor" and wins one million dollars.

             One reason for the show’s success is that it parallels our lives. Although you were never stranded on an island, your life is filled with a variety of challenges as you seek to provide food, warmth and shelter for yourself and your family. And although you may never win a million dollars, each of you does want to survive the problems, tests, and trials you encounter all through your life. And God’s Word offers guidance and direction so you don’t get eliminated from the competition. My fall sermon series: “Survivor” will examine some of your common challenges and offer God’s wisdom for your lives. 

My sermons this fall will be:

 Sept 11            How to Survive in a Hostile Workplace 

 Sept 18            How to Survive Parenthood 

 Sept 25            How to Survive When Bad Things Happen to God’s People

 Oct 2                How to Survive Failure

 Oct 9                How to Survive Criticism

 Oct 16              How to Survive Conflict

             I hope you can join us each week for worship this fall.

 Inside your Messenger is a Flyer highlighting my Fall Sermon Series. Please share it with a friend or neighbor and invite them to worship with you. There are more flyers outside the sanctuary so you can invite your whole neighborhood.


             In Christ’s love, Pastor Steve